Monthly Archives: November 2021

Seattle Redevelops Key Arena into a Green Building Called Climate Pledge Arena

Seattle’s Key Arena reopened last Oct. 19 as Climate Pledge Arena, the 74-acre multi-sports facility dubbed as Seattle’s most ambitious green building project. The former Key Arena accounted as a major source of greenhouse gas emissions coming from building operations in Seattle. In 2018, the city-owned arena underwent redevelopment to become the first ever, net-zero […]

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What Music Does to Your Mood

New studies show that even sad music can lift mood, but other studies suggest that music can increase well-being and reduce anxiety. From the drum beats of our ancestors to today’s unlimited streaming services, music is an integral part of the human experience. For centuries, researchers have considered the potential therapeutic and mood-boosting effects of […]

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Dangerous Chemicals that should not be Used

The existing regulatory system can’t provide enough protection even from the most dangerous chemicals. Because of this, the use of dangerous chemicals in which most are linked with endocrine disruption, developmental disorders, cancer and reproductive toxicity is causing a toxic environment and worse, endangering the general health of the public. Chemicals that should be Banned […]

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Selling Eco-Friendly Cabinets

  People love to store and organize things. This is the reason why they buy a lot of different cabinets. Business owners should consider selling “ecocabinets” especially that today, the world is experiencing a lot of changes in the environment because most do not really care for the environment. Initiating to take good care of […]

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What Makes A Green Computer?

  Most of the environmental impact comes from the manufacture and disposal of a computer. Depending on the usage profile, production is responsible for over 50 % of the environmental impact of a computer. The longer a device is used, the more ecological it is because it does not have to be produced from scratch. […]

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Carpet Cleaners for our Environment

Carpets are difficult to clean by hand. Professional cleaning can be very expensive, which is why the fluffy doormats are far too rarely cleaned properly. With the carpet cleaner, however, you could clean your carpet yourself quickly and effectively.   With our large carpet cleaner test 2021, we want to help you find the best […]

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