Carpets are difficult to clean by hand. Professional cleaning can be very expensive, which is why the fluffy doormats are far too rarely cleaned properly. With the carpet cleaner, however, you could clean your carpet yourself quickly and effectively.


With our large carpet cleaner test 2021, we want to help you find the best carpet cleaner for you. We compared vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning powder, carpet shampoo, and carpet foam and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. We want to make purchasing decisions as easy as possible for you.


Summary of Key points

– Carpet Cleaner is a cleaning device that can clean carpets especially quickly and effectively.
– A cheap alternative to carpet cleaning equipment is traditional carpet cleaners or carpet cleaning powders from drug stores.
– The cleaning process when using the Carpet Cleaner is divided into four steps: pre-wash, main wash, rinse and vacuum cleaner.


What is a carpet cleaner?

Carpet Cleaner is a carpet cleaning device. If you want to save on expensive professional cleaning, it’s best to use a carpet cleaning device. Use a cleaning agent to spray water on the carpet and immediately vacuum again.


How do you use the Carpet Cleaner?

The cleaning process when using the carpet cleaner is divided into pre-cleaning, main cleaning, rinsing, and vacuum cleaner. Pre-cleaning is done first. Water and carpet cleaner is sprayed onto the carpet from the nozzle. Carpet shampoo exposure time varies by manufacturer but should be at least 10 minutes. Using also the best carpet cleaner for pets is good for our households to clean the pollutants of our pets.


Main wash follows. The floor nozzle is pulled over the carpet and the carpet cleaner is built in this way. The loosened dirt is sucked up in the same or next work step.

Now, rinse with clean water and use the suction nozzle to suck up the cleaning solution along with the dirt. After drying, the carpet should be vacuumed completely.


Where can I buy a carpet cleaner?

Not only can you buy carpet cleaners cheaply on the internet. Hardware stores and discounters often have cheap offers within that range. You can also find other accessories such as carpet shampoo at the hardware store. If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner, you can also find one at a household goods store or a vacuum cleaner store.


However, in recent years, the Internet has seen an increase in sales of wet cleaners and carpet cleaners due to the many choices and many times cheaper prices.


Thinking a good and smart way in cleaning our homes may somewhat contribute in protecting our environment: