According to expert’s studies, there are around 1 out of 5 consumers who would say that they’re willing to pay more for a company trip that has promising social and environmental record. What’s unfortunate is that, these statistics are attracting tad greenwashing from the capitalists who are seeking to cash in on eco-friendly movement.

The Growth of Ecotourism

Therefore, how would you be able to find responsible managed eco-resort when travelling and at the same time, what are the differences among eco hotel, eco lodge and eco resort.

The main differences between eco-lodge and resort lies on the services provided on site.

Generally speaking, eco resorts are situated on bigger locations in comparison to eco lodges.

In addition to that, they might be offering more amenities similar to the choice of restaurants, spas and wide varieties of local tours too.

Only One is Indifferent

On the other hand, most people were still interchangeably using eco resort and eco lodge. Both of these establishments are mostly situated in natural environments like:

  • Mountains
  • Forests and;
  • Exotic Islands

When it comes to eco hotels, they’re usually associated near towns and cities. Therefore, if you want to feel genuinely closer to nature on your next travel, then consider going to either eco-lodge or eco-resort.