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How to Live Sustainably?

Living sustainably is an important step in protecting the environment and our natural resources. It is a lifestyle that emphasizes conscious consumption and environmentalism, and reduces our impact on the planet. By understanding the basics of sustainability, we can make a difference in how we interact with the environment and the resources we share. Benefits […]

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The Underrated Initiatives Toward Zero Marine Waste By Cosplayers

    For cosplayers, the sea is an important location. Cosplayers themselves, including those fans of the hit anime series Naruto and the ones who wear their best Naruto Clothes, feel that such a sea is getting dirty. So “let’s protect the sea from marine garbage with the power of cosplayers all over the world.” […]

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Composing A Song for the Environment

   Songs are amazing. It is being used to several purposes. It serves as a message to anyone or everyone. Given this, since the world is already experiencing natural resources depletion, it is just right to make an effort and create a song about the real situation of our planet and the effects it can […]

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