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It is truly challenging to ensure that your next corporate travel adventure will be environmentally friendly. These days especially, we are being bombarded by flowery marketing and advertising materials. These ads are extremely effective in the promotion of virgin island and other exotic destinations and the promise of once in a lifetime experience.

How Far Your Dedication will take You?

On the other hand, if you and your company is dedicated to promoting and supporting ecotourism, then it is only right that you book with ethical tourism activities only. More so if it is going to be a wildlife tour.

In such, you need to know what activities are going to affect the animal’s natural habitat.

One very simple way of deciding whether you’re booking with ethical wildlife adventure firm or not is if the overall experience they offer is detrimental to the environment or animal.

Questions to Determine an Ethical Tour

As a matter of fact, there are certain questions that you can ask to make this a lot easier:

  1. Are the activities would cause pain or stress on the animals?
  2. Would you be having close interaction with the animal that’s not domesticated?
  3. Is your presence affects the environment?

If you are uncertain with the answers and how it is going to impact the animal’s natural habitat, then determine whether you will feel comfortable in taking this trip or not. Don’t be afraid to ask further questions if necessary.