Partly, sectoral thinking is going to hinder us to achieve and enjoy sustainable developmental goals. The only question left is, how sectors could be more intertwined and involved to the joined-up nature goals.

Why can’t We Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds?

Conventionally speaking, we typically see these sectors competing against each other with the thought that for one to advance, there has to be a compromise.

Meaning, environmental quality can’t be preserved without sacrificing community development and vice versa.

There’s been a skepticism from those within two communities regarding the approaches or intentions of others. Economists haven’t been entirely welcome in environmental issues and there’s mistrust with regards to concerns that are significant to many.

It’s how Things Go

Now, there are roughly 20 million small-scale miners and artisanal globally. Each are accountable for at least 1/10th of gold production worldwide. Aside from that, they’re doing significant damage to the environment and accounting for largest single usage of mercury that is drinking water supplies and poisoning land.

The activity is quite difficult to control since miners are dispersed widely and usually follow illegal operations in remote locations.

What is needed are business models to which environmental grants and development aid are used in initiating things. Then, they have to stand on their own to prove their worth.