Environmental degradation is explained as the deterioration of environment or disintegration of earth through uncontrolled and irresponsible consumption of resources and assets similar to:

  • Air
  • Water and;
  • Soil

Natural Resources, Gone

Basically, it is the eradication of our wildlife and natural resources. This is characterized as the aggravation or change to nature’s turf that’s deemed to be undesirable or pernicious. The degradation or ecological effect is caused by consolidation of ever-growing human population, consistent expansion of monetary development or per capita fortune and at the same time, the rapid growth of technology.

The Ways We are Killing Earth

This occurs whenever the natural resources of the world are depleted, therefore, compromising the environment in form of:

  • Water, soil and air pollution
  • Extinction of species
  • Rapid population growth

The environmental degradation is among the biggest threats being overlooked in the world as we know.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of ways in which environmental degradation could take place.

And at this point in time when environments are being wrecked or the common assets are being exhausted, the environment is deemed to be damaged and corrupted.

Basically, there are plenty of techniques being used in preventing this from happening such as protecting environmental resource and promoting general protection efforts.