Our natural resources are limited. It is gradually depleted when consumed at an ultra fast rate than having it replaced. Natural resources are resources that have been around without human’s intervention. These natural resources can either be non-renewable or renewable.

When it comes to the subject of depletion of natural resources, this is a terminology that’s used to refer farming, water usage, fishing, mining and fossil fuel consumption.

How does World’s Resources Deplete Overtime?

There are different factors that force the depletion of our natural resources which will be discussed below:


In today’s time we are over 7 billion strong.

And this number does not seem to slow down.

Rather, there is a consistent increase in earth’s population which has been a crucial factor in accelerating natural resource’s depletion.

Poor Practices

Humans are the main culprit why there are problems in land resources. As a result of poor irrigation implementation is a top contributing factor to the alkalization and salinization of soil that is sustaining healthy plant growth.

Illegal Logging

According to World Bank, since 1990 to 2016, the net loss for global forest reaches a staggering 1.3 million square km. At the same time, tropical deforestation is deemed to occur at 1% per annum, particularly in Latin America.

If no action would be taken on these things, then future generations may not be able to see the beauty of nature as it is now.