Fact Sheets

Earth is a beautiful planet. It’s the world we are living and it was able to sustain every living creature for millions of years. Even though we’ve done so much damage, we still have a fighting chance to turn it for the better.

Environment is what’s Everything Around Us

The good news is that, more and more people are now aware of the needs of our environment.

They are even showing the willingness to preserve and conserve it for future generations. When talking about environment, this is basically everything that involves around us, not only the weather. This includes plants, animals and mankind that live in this planet.

Facts about our Environment

Let me share to you remarkable facts about our environment that will leave your jaw drop.

Number 1. Every day, 27,000 trees are being cut down to make toilet paper.

Number 2. Aluminum could be recycled endlessly. In fact, recycling just a single aluminum is more than enough to save electricity to run your TV for a minimum of 180 minutes. To think, there are 80 trillion aluminum cans are being used by humans every single year.

Number 3. We could save 75,000 trees if we would just recycle the paper that’s used on daily run of New York Times. And we are not talking about other newspaper publishing.