The existing regulatory system can’t provide enough protection even from the most dangerous chemicals. Because of this, the use of dangerous chemicals in which most are linked with endocrine disruption, developmental disorders, cancer and reproductive toxicity is causing a toxic environment and worse, endangering the general health of the public.

Chemicals that should be Banned

Fortunately, there are a number of organizations that are targeting these dangerous chemicals and running to have them phased out or be banned for good. Some of these chemicals are:


This chemical is one of the recently assigned subclasses of pesticides in which a number of scientists worldwide have connected as a possible factor to the massive and widespread collapse of bee colony.


The US EPA has failed to finalize the banning of chlorpyrifos as a pesticide. Despite being a toxic chemical, it is still used widely in agricultural fields and orchards. The exposure could be linked to both long and short term health problems similar to:

  • Headaches
  • Low birth weight
  • Seizure and;
  • Developmental delay

Methyl Iodide

This is wrongly touted as a superior fumigant for the environment by its manufacturer. Wherein reality, methyl iodide is highly poisonous pesticide that is causing cancer and can even pollute groundwater.

Leaded Aviation Fuel

While lead was already phased out for car fuel about 15 years ago, this still a persisting issue in aviation or otherwise called as avgas.

Aviation is easily, the biggest source of lead emission across the United States and it poses a huge threat to public health – particularly in communities that are located close to airports.

In fact, there are several organizations that have petitioned to finding lead emissions from aircraft that use avgas to put an end on it once and for all.

Flame Retardants

This is oftentimes connected to cancer as well as developmental, reproductive and neurological problems. Traces of flame retardants could be seen in several household items.

Luckily today, there are many ways in which environmental preservation groups can promote their message of having these chemicals banned like taking advantage of Minecraft survival servers and tap to the millions of active users per month, social media and many more.