Tgc Liability

After decades to century in which we were characterized primarily from environmental point of view by pollution, energy and climate issues, concerns of natural resources like primary as well as secondary land material resources, water usage, land occupation and everything in between is once again on the economists, societal leaders and politician’s desk.

It’s always Associated to the Growth of Economy

Well, a more particular issue is the exponential growth for material resources and energy demand at the same time. This can be heavily seen by continuous economic development in countries like:

  • Brazil
  • India and;
  • China

As a matter of fact, this resulted to the increase of prices of various resources and putting resource-intensive economies under serious pressure. Believe it or not some of these nations have gone through shortages of different commodities in their local marketplace.

The Course of Action

In an unexpected speed that is pushed by globalization and the ever-expanding world economy, it calls for imminent action.

Issues similar to long term secured access to natural resources become the focal point on different national policies.

After all, stringent security dimension is heavily implemented. It’s not actually surprising that among others, the US and members of EU initiated a plan to strategically use and allocate resources.