Most of the environmental impact comes from the manufacture and disposal of a computer. Depending on the usage profile, production is responsible for over 50 % of the environmental impact of a computer. The longer a device is used, the more ecological it is because it does not have to be produced from scratch.

This problem, which is particularly serious with computer devices, you can reduce above all by allowing the user to retrofit the power in a simple and inexpensive manner. Aside from knowing basic computer terms, it is good to know how to protect the environment.

Basic computer: Avoidance of pollutants

Computers can be made without PVC and without harmful flame retardants. However, if you use environmentally harmful substances, it must at least be easy to remove them during recycling.

Basic computer: Energy-saving use

Surprisingly, the lion’s share of electricity consumption in an average household is accounted for by computers, televisions and the like.

basic computer terms

In various energy-saving states, you can greatly reduce the power consumption of the devices to a few watts when not in use.

The rule of thumb for the power consumption of a desktop PC is, the more powerful the computer, the more power it uses. With all devices connected to the PC or integrated expansions, power consumption increases.

You must design the devices so that you can be able to recycle them. The aim is to be able to reuse as many parts as possible or to be able to recycle them. This area will gain greater importance in the future.

The power consumption of the power supply unit provides an indication of the power consumption by the computer. For a powerful gaming computer, this is between 300 and 450 watts. This means that a maximum of 300 watts can be made available to all components of the computer, for example. In normal operation, the consumption of a simple household PC and also a gaming PC is significantly below this maximum load. It is more likely between 90 and 150 watts. Measuring the exact power consumption by a PC is easy with a simple power meter or a smart measuring socket.