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It is essential that you make yourself mindful about definitions of frequently used terminology similar to environmental impact. This can be understood easily as the outcome of any activity that is altering the environment to which it’s contained and may be triggered by human beings.

Having said that, human activities affect the environment no matter how small it might be and which could change the entire environmental system. If no proper action will be poured into this, it’ll be putting survival of species and ecological balance at great risk.

Understanding the Terminology

But what is environmental system exactly?

This one, it could be explained as geographical area whose extension surrounded by natural borders which can be anything from:

  • Contour Lines
  • Mountain Range
  • River
  • Canyons

If not by natural resources, it may be by engineered structures such as highway, gap, dam and so forth.

It takes a bit of Sacrifice

Taking said concepts into mind, the assessment of environmental impact takes part a huge role in economy since there needs to be harmony between the development of economic activity and environment.

Otherwise, natural resources would run dry either because of contamination or excessive industry consumption. Meaning to say, there must be a compromise to attain this level of harmony.