For majority of the municipalities, the use of electricity is the single biggest cause of greenhouse emissions. Your community could benefit from becoming EPA GPC or Green Power Community by using green energy. There are plenty of benefits that are included in such approach like the following:

  • Improved community and living environment
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as other pollutants
  • Improved community image
  • Increased pride of the citizen and demonstrated civic leadership

Being Green isn’t just Bragging Rights

Now, in order to enjoy all these benefits and take advantage of GPC, there are standards that have to be met. First of all, green community is a sign that your community is committed in meeting the nationally accepted standards in relation to size, resource base and content. This lets you to compare the green power commitment of your community to others and then increase the confidence of your community’s stakeholders.

  1. EPA is recognizing and promoting actively GPC as an environmental leader too. Your community could actually benefit from such recognition by:
  2. Using EPA Green Power Partner mark on websites as well as marketing materials
  3. Receiving Green Power Community signs that are intended for outdoor displays
  4. Become eligible for extra recognition via Green Power Leadership Awards Program from EPA