If you own a bunny, you are undoubtedly already aware of its queasy stomach especially when they eat apples and the need for you to watch what you give it as well as what it eats and doesn’t eat. Can your rabbit eat grass, though? Find out the proper ways to give grass to your rabbit.




Remember to keep an eye on what your rabbit consumes and has access to when you let it to go free outside.


Your rabbit will be healthy if you have clean, pesticide-free grass, and you can let them graze on it whenever they feel like it.


Start incorporating the grass into your rabbit’s diet gradually, just like you would other foods. Stop giving them grass right away if you see that they aren’t eating it or if it has hurt their stomach.


You can also feed grass to your rabbit as a treat if you see that it likes to eat it. All you have to do is cut some grass and keep it in a convenient location so that you or your rabbit can give it to them in little handfuls all day.




If you apply pesticides or any kind of plant or bug killer, don’t allow your rabbit go free. Due to its sensitive stomach, your rabbit is easily poisoned and may even pass away if it eats certain foods. Additionally, avoid giving your rabbit lawn mower clippings to eat. The heat may start the grass fermenting, which could make your rabbit ill.


Never substitute normal grass for the Timothy Hay (or other grass hays) that you give your rabbit. Your rabbit needs to consume hay each day. The high fiber content of Timothy Hay promotes digestive health. As a result of their continual tooth growth, rabbits’ teeth are kept at a healthy length by chewing on hay, which helps grind down their teeth. Make sure your rabbit consumes Timothy Hay every day. You may supplement their food with freshly cut grass, but you must not swap out the hay for the grass.