Our planet needs more environmentally-conscious people to serve as role models for the next generation of citizens who will be inheriting the Earth’s resources. Millennials have taken on this role by being in the forefront of movements that call for sustainable living and eco-friendly methods of conducting businesses. As the young millennials have already come of age, the Generation Z breed they have brought into this role are generally eco and environment friendly young people.

However, the movement still has to make considerable progress as many of us in different parts of the world are now experiencing the effects of climate change. During the past decades only a few of the baby boomers and Gen Xers heeded calls to take action. Even the former US president Donald Trump, a Gemini, made irresponsible statements by calling the global warming phenomena a hoax used by manufacturers of green products to promote their business. Trump had in fact withdrew US participation in global alliances to fight climate change.

Many believe that one way we can ensure that we will be electing politicians who care for the Earth as much as we do, is to know their Zodiac sign. Apparently, these are mere popular beliefs and not at all backed by science.

Nevertheless, just out of curiosity, let’s find out the zodiac symbols of eco-friendly people based on popular beliefs.

Zodiac Signs that Have Great Connections to the Planet Earth and Concern for Its Well Being

People believe that the cosmic signs and symbols show that some people born under a particul zodiac has the strongest connection to planet Earth.

Yet astrologers have another way of looking at the traits and destiny of people, by looking at that period in time when their natal symbol became the North Node. A more in-depth example of this astrological concept can be gleaned from an article discussing a north node in leo south node in aquarius occurrence.

Still, the following Zodiac natal symbols are generally linked to people with environment and eco-friendly outlook and beliefs:

Aquarius: People Born Between Jan. 20 and Feb, 18

Aquarians are believed to be the most involved in supporting movements and activities. Their water-bearer symbols make them them the ideal representative in bringing nourishment to the most important planetary element. Known to be intelligent yet idealistic people, Aquarius people are relentless in their pursuit of solutions that lead to happiness.

Pisces: People Born Between Feb. 19 and March 20

Pisceans are usually among the people who volunteer in carrying out activities to help maintain clean environment. Their belief in the power of individual contributions have been demonstrated by many selfless Pisceans who go out of their way to personally remove trash or any debris that could catch fire in the forests.

Virgo : People Born Between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22

Virgos are environmentally conscious in ways that are highly cohnsiderate of how they can keep the surroundings clean without the need to use cleaners with chemical ingredients. Virgos are known to preven garbage from going down the drains not only because they can clog water ways but also to prevent non biodegrdable wastes from flowing into the sea.

Libra : People Born between September 23 and October 22

Librans as their symbol denotes are focused on keeping a balance of all elements that exist in an area, While a person may have the capability to take more from what the planet has to offer, something is always taken awat from them in order to kee a balance of matters on Earth. That is why most Libras do not support activities that overly encroach into the planet’s natural resources.