Are you aware that while drain cleaners can often unclog clogs, they can also damage pipes? Depending on the existing pipe system, different types of damage can occur.


Damage to people and the environment

The use of pipe cleaning agents not only harms the pipes, but also the environment and people. The main problem with chemical remedies is that they usually contain substances like sodium hydroxide. These get into the wastewater and cannot be filtered out by the sewage treatment plants. The result is salination of the water bodies.

Another danger of using drain cleaners is that people come into contact with caustic soda. This is the case, for example, when the siphon is unscrewed after use to remove the blockage mechanically. But the subsequent use of a plunger or a spiral can also ensure that the lye is transported to the surface. This can cause burns to the skin and eyes.

When should a plumber be called?

If the pipe is clogged, mechanical methods can be tried. A plunger is often the tool of choice and can quickly eliminate minor problems of this type. If that no longer helps, a plumber Amsterdam (loodgieter Amsterdam) should be contacted. This can usually clear constipation within a short time. This can save consumers long-term follow-up costs for repairs to the pipe system.

In many cases, a pipe blockage announces itself a few weeks before. The water only drains off hesitantly and stays longer in the sink. This is a sign of upcoming complete constipation. If you now arrange an appointment with a specialist early on, you can plan it and do not have to pay any additional costs for an emergency call. This not only saves costs but also time and nerves. You don’t have to rush to find a reputable drain cleaner either.

Professionals come before drain cleaners

Using store-bought drain cleaners is quick and clears clogs without the help of a professional. Chemical agents in particular work very efficiently and even solve stubborn blockages. Biological substances are gentler, but they often take longer to work and are not considered to be as effective. Despite the efficiency, the long-term consequences for the pipe system should not be underestimated. Using the drain cleaners can result in frequent clogs and cause the pipes to become so damaged that they need to be replaced.

A specialist can unclog the blockage without consequential damage. They can do it in an environmentally friendly manner and help to preserve the pipe system. Called in good time, the specialist saves a lot of money in the end.