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Many people still wonder what sustainable clothing actually means. For some people, even the concept of sustainability is not yet clear. Below is an explanation of what sustainability is and why buying sustainable clothing is better for the environment.


What does the term sustainability mean in short?

You can speak of sustainability when the 3Ps are in balance. The 3Ps stand for people, planet, and profit. This theory was once devised by John Elkington (incidentally, he later withdrew it, yet this theory is still widely used. When you continuously try to balance these 3Ps with each other, you are working sustainably. In contrast to, for example, you; goes for profit only. This will come at the expense of people and the planet. On the other hand, sustainability is also often seen as something that is good for the environment.


Sustainable clothing is better for the environment

So, in theory, clothing is sustainable if it balances the 3Ps. So this means; that the clothing is good for the planet, for the people, and for the economy. Sustainable clothing is good for people because they are often made for fair prices and is produced under good conditions (the advantage is that sustainable brands often attach a lot of value to this). Buying clothes also contributes to the economy. Below you can find out why sustainable clothing is good for the planet (after all, this is what this article is all about).


Why is sustainable clothing better for the environment?



Durable materials

The clothing industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. Choosing sustainable clothing can significantly reduce pollution. Sustainable clothing is often made from organic/organic cotton. There are also other sustainable materials for clothing. You can think of bamboo, linen, and pesticides. These fabrics are a lot less harmful to the environment than “normal cotton”. This is because no toxins are used and CO2 savings are looked more closely at in the production process. This makes sustainable clothing better for the environment.


Less water wastage

Less water is also used in the production of sustainable clothing. Depending on the materials, less water is used in production. In almost all cases, at least half less water is wasted.


Better quality

Although this is very difficult to measure, the quality of sustainable clothing is usually better. The clothing is worked more accurately in the production process. But why is better quality clothing better for the environment? This is because better quality lasts longer. So you don’t have to buy new clothes as often and don’t have to throw the clothes away as quickly.

Is sustainable clothing the solution?
Sustainable clothing is not necessarily the complete solution against global warming, but it is a good step. Yet you can also opt for example 2 e hand clothing. This means that the clothing does not have to be remade (this is a harmful process). You can also consciously buy clothes. So opt for quality over quantity.

Sustainable clothing is better for the environment
Sustainable clothing is definitely better for the environment. This is partly due to the sustainable materials from which sustainable clothing is made. Less water is also wasted and the clothing is of better quality, which leads to more years of life. In addition, the production process is much fairer. Workers are treated much better.