What makes the game “green”?

When it comes to content, the game is “green” when it comes to environmental issues. On the one hand, expansions can make the game green, for example in The Sims 4: Living Sustainably. However, as with Eco, the game can also be designed so that cooperative or ecological behavior is rewarded from the beginning. The purpose of the game is to build a civilization with other players, use resources sparingly, and stay in harmony with nature.


So is sustainable games the same for environmentally friendly behavior?

Yes. The actions performed in the simulation go very deep into our subconscious. From my own experience, I know that when I play a lot of Assassin’s Creed and then walk around town, I have to temporarily resist the urge to climb the façade. The same principles apply to ecology games.


For example, after actually playing, the next time you pass the trash can, you will be driven by the urge you know from the game.
In reality, the gaming industry initially consumes large amounts of energy and resources.


There is a big ecological problem with the game.

I’m sitting in front of a computer that uses electricity. In the future, as video games expand to streaming services, they will also require huge data centers that consume large amounts of power.


Isn’t it hypocritical to waste resources offline instead of making a “green” game?

It’s paradoxical. But even in our society, it is basically true that there is more than one truth. I think everyone needs to compare it to their ethical values. Is it better to play a sustainable game for 2 hours and then better separate the trash tomorrow, or is it better to omit the computer and save power immediately?


Is there a trend in the gaming industry towards dealing with sexism and racism?

Diversity is the big thing, especially in reporting. For the marketing of a game, it is, therefore, an advantage to have at least dealt with the topic. From a purely selfish point of view, this means for game developers: It is profitable if I develop a game in an ethically correct manner, like to sell csgo skins and the like.


The developers are now basically very open to these issues. It’s also a misconception that there is a male-dominated gaming scene. The gender distribution among players is one to one. In production it might look different, there is also the “old-white-men” problem. But that’s changing right now.