The boom in ecommerce comes at a time when populations worldwide are heeding calls for eco-friendly actions that will mitigate the effects of climate change. This denotes that green consumerism is also surging, which makes it important for online retailers of green products to switch to eco-friendly packaging. Plastic-free packaging in online retailing is an aspect often overlooked by online sellers.


Since the ecommerce marketplace for green products has become more competitive, branding your online store as a plastic-free outlet is one way of attracting eco-conscious customers to patronize your business. Plastic pollution after all is one of the leading causes of environment degradation that has been causing the planet’s temperature to rise.

Besides, plastic-free packaging was the norm before, as stores used Kraft or recycled paper materials and discarded boxes and cardboards to wrap parcels. This type of packaging is still effective and functional at the same time. Creative retailers embellish their paper packaging with eye-catching logo designs, while some others add by-lines about the importance of saving the planet through sustainable and environment-friendly actions.


Benefits of Branding Your Online Store as a Plastic-Free Packaging Seller

Numerous studies have shown that consumers today are more inclined to support the use of sustainable methods of packaging as an alternative to the use of plastics,

Plastic packaging comes in various forms, ranging from plastic films, molded plastic casings, bubble wraps and polystyrene packing pellets, which are all non-biodegradable as well as non-recyclable. Scientific researches have shown that although some plastics can breakdown into nano-sized pieces, the minute particles simply become land, air and water pollutants. The micro nano plastics eventually gets to settle in other places when blown by the wind.

As most green consumers are now aware of what their plastic packaging discards can do to the environment, they are willing to pay additional if necessary. Plastic-free packaging improves customers’ buying experience because it also makes them feel they are doing something to help lessen plastic pollution in the environment.
Many contend that plastic packaging is more economical when compared to other packaging materials. Yet they are less expensive only because they are produced on a massive scale, On a different perspective, the inexpensive cost of plastic is nothing compared to the costs of mitigation measures being carried out to reduce the effects of plastic pollution on the health of humans, on marine life and in the earth’s atmosphere.

Marketing Your Online Store as an Eco-Friendly Business

Becoming eco-friendly means that your business will go completely green all the way, It does not sit right to produce or sell products that do not harm the environment, yet you deliver them to customers in full plastic wrappings.

To effectively market you green products, it is important to set an example by implementing sustainable methods, including buying materials, employing workers, hiring artisans and supporting local socio-civic organizations in the region in which your business is based. When hiring a digital marketing company who will help you promote and market your eco-friendly products, hire one that knows the green consumerism behavior, practices and preferences of the people in your region.


If for example your eco-friendly business is located in Arizona, a well-rounded Arizona private marketing company will use location-based SEO strategy that will enable you to reach more Arizona-based customers. Take note that short-haul transport is more sustainable and environment-friendly as it consumes less energy, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions.