Cosplayers posing in an event


For cosplayers, the sea is an important location. Cosplayers themselves, including those fans of the hit anime series Naruto and the ones who wear their best Naruto Clothes, feel that such a sea is getting dirty. So “let’s protect the sea from marine garbage with the power of cosplayers all over the world.”

The Cosplay de Kaigo Zero Award, which has started only by recruiting cosplayers from different parts of the world, is an action or a movement that raises such a concept. The World Cosplay Summit executive committee and the Nippon foundation started the project on October 1, 2019, as part of the marine waste control project named “Change for the Blue.”

The award consists of two categories, and the action category is looking for “activities that are unique to cosplayers that can lead to the reduction of marine waste.”


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On the other hand, the costume division is looking for “cosplay costume recipes that are conscious of continuously reducing (reducing), reusing (reuse), and revitalizing (recycle) when creating their costumes, such as how to make costumes that reduce marine garbage and create costumes by reusing or repurposing them.”

The judging will be conducted by the secretariat, a judging committee composed of marine garbage experts, and leading experts in the manga, anime, and game industries, and the grand prize will be awarded an activity incentive of a whopping 1 million yen.

The ever-increasing problem of marine litter around the world. The sea is suffering from a quiet scream now. The actions of each hero heroine and each person will lead to the protection of the beautiful sea for the future.

The application period is from October 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020. Cosplayers around the world are now needed to expand the circle of action to protect the sea together so that they can shoot in beautiful locations forever.