Houseplants grew in the room. In fact, most people die due to “too much water”. Not only water but also “light and wind” are important points for plants. Somehow I’m not feeling well? If you think so, please review the place in the room before watering or fertilizing.

First of all, “light” is an important point! Most plants prefer windows
Most foliage plants, with the exception of negative-tolerant plants, prefer bright windows. If possible, it’s best to have a balcony facing southeast and a window where you can get a lot of light all day long. If you are in direct sunlight in the middle of summer or in the sun, use lace curtains to make adjustments. Rooms with only fluorescent lights that have almost closed curtains are in a “shade” environment, and rooms with only incandescent bulbs such as toilets, baths, and entrances that are out of reach of light are in a “dark shade” environment. In “shade” areas, it’s a good idea to choose a negative-tolerant monstera or pothos. “Dark shade” areas can be quite harsh for plants. If you want to put a green, it is good to incorporate fake greens and branch things.


The plant is breathing. Pay attention to the goodness of “ventilation”
Light and carbon dioxide are all that are needed for photosynthesis. Even with plenty of light, the plants gradually weaken in a closed room. Place it in a well-ventilated place every day, and when placing it in a corner of the room, prepare a circulator and be careful to circulate the air.


Water well after the soil has dried. Basically, the water comes out from the bottom toward the “center” of the pot
With the exception of some plants that prefer moisture, the roots become oxygen-deficient and rot and die when the soil is constantly damp. When watering, look at the surface of the soil and the back of the pot to make sure it is dry. When watering, “plenty” is the basic. Firmly until water comes out in the lower saucer. Immediately discard the water that collects in the saucer. One thing to note is when the soil is dry and there is a gap between it and the pot. Water may circulate between the pot and the soil, making it difficult to get the water in the center. Be aware of the center of the pot and make sure that the water is well distributed.


Please get used to the plants you just brought back from the shop for a while
Plants are more susceptible to stress when the light and ventilation environment changes. It is also necessary to pay attention to the “sunburn” in which the leaves turn white when the light intensity is different from the conventional one. When you just brought it back from the store or change the location, put it in the light and spray it from above with a light-shielding net or tissue paper. Let’s get used to the new environment for about a week.


When buying a large plant, it is a good idea to take a picture of the “place you want to put it” and go to the store
When buying a large plant such as the symbol tree that is the face of your room, it is best to buy it at a store ‘get it now from Sfweekly’ where you can consult with as much trust as possible. At “World Garden” in Koiwa, carefully selected plants are lined up, and you can choose your favorite one while checking each tree shape. When you go to the store, it is recommended to take a picture of the place you want to put here in advance. If you talk about whether you want to grow it vertically, horizontally, or how you want to grow it, you can get suggestions for plants that suit the location.