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On average, we sleep a third of our lives, making our bedroom one of the most important spaces in the home. But how do you make this space into a healthy, sustainable environment where you can completely relax? We list a number of tips for a sustainable bedroom.

By choosing sustainable items for your bedroom, you sleep a lot healthier, encourage dreaming that makes you search for تفسير حلم (interpretation of dream), and that contributes to a good night’s sleep. There are already many Dutch entrepreneurs who make beautiful items for an eco-responsible bedrooms.

Here’s how to choose:

  • A durable mattress
  • Durable pillows, blankets, and duvets
  • Organic bedding
  • And a good indoor climate

Ecological sleep

Your favorite place ever… your bed! If you consider how many hours of your life you spend in bed, then you better choose a nice mattress free of chemical agents. Most regular mattresses contain synthetic materials such as memory foam and mattresses are often treated chemically. If you prefer not to sleep on a mountain of chemical mess, you can choose a mattress made of natural materials such as wool, hemp, natural rubber, or horsehair.

Looking for a circular mattress? Auping recently launched theEvolve: the first 100% circular mattress in the world, which is also made in Deventer. And Bedaffair even offers circular mattresses made of all-natural materials that are produced entirely in Europe. There are also ecological pillows on the market, which are just like mattresses filled with natural materials such as kapok or wool but you can also choose a pillow with spelled filling.


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Sustainable bedding

Whether you prefer to sleep under a duvet or opt for a nice blanket, both are available in a sustainable variant. A wool blanket can last a very long time and is 100% recyclable. In addition, wool is very clear: the material cleans itself, is bacteria-resistant, and is dirt-repellent. You can also opt for a woolen duvet. Or choose a sustainable duvet made of organic cotton and animal-friendly down (pay attention to the RDS quality mark!).

Top it all off with bedding to dream away. Here too, it is best to choose natural materials such as linen, organic cotton, bamboo, or Tencel.

Air-purifying plants

If there is too little oxygen in your bedroom, you can become stuffy. For example, it can only happen that you do sleep enough hours but still wake up tired and with a headache. Therefore, make sure you have enough fresh air in your bedroom and put down a few air-purifying plants. For example, the Sanseveria is an ideal plant for your bedroom, it needs little light and gives off a lot of oxygen. Aloe Vera is also a good option because it releases a lot of oxygen. However, this plant loves sunlight so this is one to put pontifically on the windowsill.

If you want to go completely out-of-the-box, then you choose an ivy. It can also grow well indoors and seems to be a great air purifier, according to NASA. Or choose a houseplant package from Sprinklr, then you are ready in one go.