florida state mapThe latest Florida Climate Resilience Survey’ (FCRS) revealed that the majority of Floridians now acknowledge global warming as the cause of climate change. The results of the latest FCRS show that 90% of Floridians are now convinced climate change is happening.


However, the latest edition revealed that 58% of the respondents are of the belief that human activity is the primary cause. Yet climate change transformation attitudes tend to vary and depend on party affiliations.

Survey results show an increase of 11% in the number of Florida Independents who believe in human-caused climate change. On the other hand, the number of Florida Republicans had dropped from 45% in last fall survey down to 40% in the latest survey.


Survey Respondents Indicate Support for Government Actions in Addressing Effects of Climate Change


The Florida Atlantic University conducts the periodic ‘Florida Climate Resilience Survey’ under the helm of Professor Colin Polsky, PhD who is also the founding director of the university”s Environmental, Coastal, and Ocean Sustainability School (ECOS), According to Dr. Polsky, despite the debate over the real cause climate change, majority of the survey respondents indicated that governments must act with urgency


florida stormy weatherRegardless of the cause, most survey respondents want both the federal and state governments to ramp up actions in solving the climate problems. As they are now experiencing more intense weather events, sixty-nine percent (69%) of Floridians want the national government to launch more actions in battling the effects of climate change. Moreover, many want the state government to take additional steps in strengthening Floridians’ resilience against the effects of climate change .