Environmental protection is important in all aspects of our daily living. This is the main reason that big companies make it a point to produce products that help the environment. Or services company that only use environmentally friendly products such as an insect control company in Jeddah (شركة مكافحة حشرات بجدة). This includes what our children use in school and how parents influence this. Here’s how parents can start environmental protection cause.


Make Everyday An Earth Day: An Awareness for Environmental Protection and Natural Conservation


Get rid of prejudices – exercise books made from eco paper are no longer gray and rough

If newspapers in Germany are made almost exclusively from recycled paper, the rate for other forms of paper looks much worse, says Greenpeace Aachen. The reason is also the personal experience that today’s generation of parents made in their childhood and youth with exercise books made from waste paper. These were made of dark gray paper in which you could see and feel every single fiber. The ink ran, the writing felt scratchy. Not very pleasant.

But today nobody has to fear products made from waste paper. Various tests have shown that the paper properties of waste paper are in no way inferior to those of fresh fiber paper. You can safely use waste paper in the copier, wrap your gifts with it and, if stored correctly, archive it for a few hundred years.

In addition, depending on the area of ​​application, waste paper is no longer gray and ugly. The school notebooks from recycled paper are almost indistinguishable at first glance from normal paper. The paper in the Green Paper series from Staufen is white and smooth and, at 80 g / m², has the standard paperweight for exercise books.

Pay attention to the environmental seal

Everything that is made from paper or cardboard can also be made from waste paper. In the school sector, this applies not only to exercise books but also to loose-leaf binders, folders, and files. Various accessories such as dividing strips, register sheets, or even colored craft paper can bear the “Blue Angel” to confirm sustainability. This environmental seal guarantees that the awarded product is made from 100 percent recycled paper and that the high environmental protection requirements with regard to bleaching agents, additives, etc. are met.

Buy ecological school materials made of wood or bioplastics

Of course, not only paper goes into the school bag. Pens and rulers are also standard equipment for the school. There are a few things to consider from an environmental protection perspective:

Pencils and colored pencils do not necessarily have to be coated with a lacquer that illustrates the writing color or company branding. Pens with a natural wooden shaft even feel pleasantly different.

A classic is a ruler made of wood. No matter if short or long, it is almost unbreakable and can often even be used by the next generation.
The use of bioplastics based on renewable raw materials is relatively new. For example, corn starch produces a normal, transparent set square for the math lesson. It only needs to be protected against overheating, otherwise, deformations can occur.

Use non-ecological school materials sparingly

There are some utensils that are required in school, but are not (yet) available in an environmentally friendly version or only at an extremely high price.

These include, for example, fiber-tip pens that have a plastic shaft and break quickly so that they often have to be bought later. Also, OHP pens, whether waterproof or water-soluble, have a plastic shaft. The ingredients are also not entirely harmless from an ecological point of view. At the same time, these pens can usually not be dispensed within the school.

Some manufacturers are aware of this fact and try to increase the service life through long open storage or refillable products and thus indirectly conserve resources.

But in principle, each of us can do our part to protect the environment by using these pens: Only use them when absolutely necessary. Also, make sure that it is handled carefully and stored properly. This includes sealing the pens tightly after use and not leaving them on the sunny desk – this way they keep their function for as long as possible.

So environmental protection and school do not have to be a contradiction, nor do major compromises have to be made when purchasing.