Songs are amazing. It is being used to several purposes. It serves as a message to anyone or everyone. Given this, since the world is already experiencing natural resources depletion, it is just right to make an effort and create a song about the real situation of our planet and the effects it can throw back to us in the future if not taken care of.


Why is it that creating a song should be involved in an environment advocacy? It is because songs are easily remembered. When one writes a song and put melody with it, people will surely remember the song and could possibly get its message. Writing a song for the planet Earth can show people that we already need to give what our planet needs.


Start with a very catchy title. Since number of people do not really care for the environment and the effects of destruction to everyone it will be the best to think of a title that is somewhat trendy. Make sure that thinking of a trending tropic may not be enough so one really needs to make a research and always be original.


If you already have a title, you can now start writing the lyrics of the song. The lyrics should be powerful enough, but not boring. It should contain a message that will touch people’s hearts and minds to their part and start from themselves. Cook Trio is a blog that can provide information about music and instruments that an advocate can use in composing a song.


Make sure to market the song in all the social media platforms to reach a larger audience. At first, one can only expect some little appreciation but with the right title, tone, and melody, you will be able to catch everyone’s attention and start doing acts for the protection of the environment, its resources, and of course the people.